How does the environmental impact of MirumTM compare to traditional leather?

Mirum is far less resource intensive to produce than animal leather and synthetic leather. According to scholarly research, animal leather requires the emission of between 2 to 12 kg carbon dioxide equivalent per kg of animal leather produced and depends strongly where animals are raised, how tanning is achieved, et cetera. Synthetic polyurethane-based leathers require around 5 kg carbon dioxide equivalent per kg of synthetic polymer produced. Mirum requires no tanning and is made from natural polymers and materials (e.g., ‘waste’ cork powder). NFW is producing Mirum formulations that require a fraction of a kg (our best estimates are presently 0.2 kg) of carbon dioxide equivalent per kg of Mirum produced. In addition to having an extremely low carbon footprint, Mirum requires no water during manufacturing and dyeing. Mirum represents the efficient use of plant-based natural resources to produce leather-like materials.

At NFW our mentality is "Plants not PlasticTM". We aim to eliminate the use of petrochemicals in the textile industry and utilize the wealth of renewable resources in the natural world to enable this mission. At NFW we commit to creating materials which can be “Upcycled” . This means that not only are our materials completely circular, but if a material cannot make it back to our production facilities, Mirum will biodegrade. We consider this part of the responsibility of all manufacturers to eliminate waste and ensure responsible end of life options. Furthermore, NFW works to ensure every raw material used in the creation of virgin Mirum is just as good for the environment as our product. This means selecting materials that become nutrient inputs or contribute to the well being of their local environment, i.e. encouraging bee propagation, regenerative agriculture, fair trade, and ethical production practices. Beyond all of this Mirum is highly tunable and can be customized for every industry. This means designers are not limited by the constraints of traditional alternative materials but are instead encouraged to dream big and work with our R&D team to create unique, highly functional materials for every design.

Is Mirum 100% recyclable and under which conditions?

Mirum does not become waste at the end of its life, but is instead a nutrient input. Mirum is unique in that it is the only plant-based leather replacement on the market that does not contain any petrochemicals. This means that not only is Mirum 100% natural, but it is also uniquely biodegradable. Beyond this our unique patented processes have allowed us to create a material which is completely circular. This means that at the end of life we can disassemble finished products and feed them back into Mirum production. Not only is reused Mirum as elegant and high performance as it was in its virgin state, but this process allows NFW to decrease our use of virgin raw materials perpetually reducing our impact on the environment with each reuse cycle. If for any reason Mirum exits this cycle its biodegradability allows Mirum to return its nutrients to the Earth safely and efficiently.

Is it possible to produce Mirum in CO2 neutral way?

Mirum already works to offset CO2 emissions by utilizing waste byproducts from other industries to reduce global emissions. Our commitment to utilizing natural and renewable resources allows us to scrutinize our selections ensuring that every raw material we use is as low impact or neutral as possible. As part of our commitment to creating materials that act as nutrient inputs at the end of their life we source materials which positively impact the environment, from encouraging propagation of animal species, such as bees, and choosing materials that use sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices we can create a better environment for future generations.

What SDGs Does Mirum Fulfill?
  • 12 responsible production and consumption
  • 13 climate action
  • 15 life on land
How is Mirum made?

We fill our resin and rubber-based materials with minerals and natural plant-sourced materials such as cork and coconut coir fiber. Even the odorants and antioxidants we use are natural-origin ingredients.

How is Mirum good for the environment?

At Natural Fiber Welding our mission is to utilize natures vast abundance of resources to create circular, high-performance natural materials that can replace the dependence on petroleum-based textiles. In short “Plants not plastic”. Leveraging natural diversity, the Natural Fiber Welding platform can create new natural composites that go above and beyond what biotechnology can economically achieve. Mirum provides new tunable performance and customization for designers and consumers who are looking for new ways to differentiate and express their vision for the world and themselves each season. All of our materials undergo evaluation to ensure that all of our materials meet our vision for forwarding environmental initiatives and are 100% natural, circular, and biodegradable.


How durable is Mirum compared to traditional leather?

The beauty of Mirum is that our unique patented processes enables designers to "Design Freely" Mirum can be formulated to meet any number of haptics all while preserving durability. NFW’s unique approach to product design allows us to tune Mirum to meet the industry and designers where they are at. This means Mirum can be luxurious, supple, durable, etc. all based on the designers deepest desires and be used by the upholstery, automotive, footwear, and garment industries alike.

Does Mirum come in a varity of colors and textures?

Mirum is extremely tunable including both colors and textures.


Is Mirum commercially available?

NFW is working with key development partners to develop and scale mirum for commercial production. We have no doubt that Mirum will be ready for the commercial market soon. In the meantime, follow us on social media for updates, product releases, and the latest news on Mirum.

How can I help? How can I forward Mirum? How can I be involved?

Right now NFW is looking for key partners to help scale our technologies and perfect Mirum as we proceed through production and manufacturing tests.

Do you know someone who should know about Mirum or who has the expertise and experience to act as a development partner in this endeavor? Help us increase awareness of our technology and scale so we can bring this revolutionary product to market. Follow us on social media to help us share our mission, #plantsnotplastic , with world, and watch out for updates on product releases, partnerships, and the latest news. Most importantly ask your favorites designers, brands, companies, and industry leaders to invest in circular and sustainable solutions

How cost-competitive is Mirum compared to traditional leathers and leather alternatives?

As NFW scales production of Mirum it will be cost competitive with both animal-based leather and synthetic leather. Just as the leather-like market has a variety of material price points depending on material attributes, tunable Mirum materials can be modified to meet a variety of industry needs.

Do you have an available stock card or sample kit?

We look forward to working with you to develop a highly customized plant based solution to your sustainable materials search. As we are developing Mirum for the commercial market we rely on advocates like you to help us dial in Mirum’s performance to meet industry standards for highly functional, durable, and elegant materials.

I’d like to use Mirum for Footwear?

Currently we are working with strategic partners to develop custom materials and conducting manufacturing trials. MIrum is highly tunable and without a doubt will be ready for the market soon!