About Us

Why is humanity overdependent on nonrenewable fossil resources

and, in particular, petroleum-based plastics? This is the question we asked ourselves when we started Natural Fiber Welding (NFW), We concluded, based on years of research, that abundant and diverse plants are the only sustainable resources that can scale to replace synthetic plastics at a global scale.

The NFW team is unlocking

the unmatched abundance and tunability found in nature to provide the world with a sustainable and circular supply chain(s) of materials that enhance our standards of living. NFW is leveraging renewable resources and natural ‘waste’ materials to enact our vision. We envision a world where people surround themselves with high-performance materials sourced directly from plants, not fossil resources. Most importantly, NFW is not asking people to choose between cost, performance, aesthetics, or sustainability. True sustainability requires technologies to meet civilization where it’s at. To be sustainable, businesses must not only implement scalable technologies, but must also execute models that scale to all communities. Every decision we make as NFW and every product we release into global markets are intentionally designed to bring about the circular materials economy that scales.

It is well understood that today’s linear materials economy is overly dependent on petroleum and is creating problems for people and our planet.

NFW is proud to announce our newest material category MirumTM. A dreamlike material made of plants and minerals. Mirum can mimic leather and, because the NFW team has mastered the use of nature’s bounty, is tunable to go beyond what was ever possible with leather. Mirum is 100% free of plastic. Mirum is recyclable in extremely fast and efficient ways. Mirum is the revolutionary material that many have been searching for.

Mirum Circular Economy

The Mirum Circular Economy

Because Mirum can be recycled directly back into new Mirum, cutting scrap, dead stock, and worn out things can be made new again. Because Mirum is made with natural inputs, it is biodegradable to become a soil nutrient instead of a pollutant like so called ‘vegan’ (plastic-containing) leathers do today. Patented Mirum is a revolutionary answer that the world has been looking for. The amazing diversity and abundance of plants - transformed into elegant, supple and highly tunable materials that are ready for the global stage.