Made with Nature’s Palette

Our supple, durable material is created in a circular system that is free of petroleum-based plastics. Our hybrid composite material leverages the strength and diversity of virgin and recycled plant matter.

Our raw inputs are 100% natural, biodegradable. Our finished materials are never coated in polyurethane or PVC.

Design Freely.
Scale Elegantly.

Leading product designers use our material to design and fabricate an array of beautiful products as unique as their brands.

Create something in line with your values without compromising on performance or artistry.


Use Mirum to create a wide variety of products in different colors, sizes, thickness, and elasticity.


By leveraging the strength of plant-based polymers, we can outperform synthetic materials.


Mirum scales to large volumes easily, helping you meet consumer demand.


Know what you're working with. Our materials are always sustainably sourced.

9.1B tons

of plastic has been produced since the 1950s. We've depended on plastic for the materials we wear and live in. Now we're drowning in it.

What if our supply chains were fueled by plants, not plastic?

We're on a mission to dramatically reduce the use of petrochemical-based plastics in the textile industry.

Mirum is an entirely new medium: one that depends on renewable resources and natural waste instead of animal hide or oil.

We believe in a world where choosing beauty and scale doesn't have to mean compromising on sustainability.

Circular By Design

Mirum does not become waste at the end of its life, but is instead a nutrient input. Our unique patented processes have allowed us to create a material which is completely circular. This means that at the end of life we can take disassemble finished products and feed them back into Mirum production.
(Photo: Mirum ready to be recycled)

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